Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Frame Them

White Christmas lights illuminate the tree. The crackling of a cozy fire comforts the children. Christmas remains. The holidays continue in our hearts. And while reading a good book in front of that fireplace she quietly whispers, "Mom you need glasses."

"'Tis true," I reply. "But glasses makes one look so prim and proper. "

Then again, why should one's glasses not be as festive as the holidays? Indeed! Pretty alternatives are presented with Holiday frames no less. The selection, in the land of Zenni Optical, is quite wonderful I've heard.

The Gatekeeper's favorite has a translucent front trailed by a sort of Christmas red around the edges. And just to keep the Holiday Spirit alive there's a white poinsettia decorating the temples. Lady Gatekeeper's brown eyes would look quite stylish with these.

Nevertheless, if red is not your color of choice, there are green frames, golden, black and even ocean blues. Prices are affordable so one could conceivably buy a couple to suit the occasion. Furthermore, the shape of the lenses themselves is something one must view. Rounded, oval, it is all there. You decide.

In any case, prices start at $8.00 for some glasses . . . a fine deal, my friend. So go ahead and frame yourself.

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