Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Neighborhood Chronicles: Saying Goodbye

Our little castle is on a very short street . . . less than twenty homes. It has been a very strange year as the laughter of children are no longer heard. All of our young friends have disappeared and most of them left under cover of night. More than six homes are up for sale or rent and others are just empty.

It is a recession I believe they are calling it, but (having heard everyone's story here in our small desert community over the last three years) it seems that not many of them thought they could afford to buy. Most of our neighbors were very surprised that the banks even gave them loans. A few home owners actually bought around five homes each (go figure) and planned to rent them out. Who would want to live in the desert? The houses still stand empty.

In any case, Lady Gatekeeper is missing her friends and it is very quiet now, except for the coyotes. They are very loud, thirsty and hungry apparently.

That is the state of our neighborhood this Christmas season. It is possible that before my birthday next month, there might be no one here to celebrate with. Nonetheless, being the child of WWII POWs, Lady Gatekeep knows we shall prevail. Our Castle, by the way, is paid in full. Only death and property taxes remain.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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