Friday, December 12, 2008

The Gallery

Lady Gatekeeper is under the impression that this Christmas Season shall be a low-budget affair for most of us. No matter, there is always a little help to be found and shared throughout the land. If nothing else, the least we all should do is send out our precious Christmas cards or newsletters. Mother will appreciate it.

In any case, most cards Lady Gatekeeper sends to family and friends are usually home made, on that contraption known as the computer. The Personalized Holiday Cards are always special.

The Gallery Collection, dear readers, has pretty deals for us to ponder; birthday cards, anniversary cards, sympathy cards, and of course . . . Christmas cards. Furthermore, their Christmas card collection comes with a 40% or even 75% discount. It is a grand savings on such a fine collection. And here's a little secret--you may request a free catalog and even complimentary sample cards for any occasion.

Also, it is worthy to note that the Gallery has done a wondrous thing for our troop overseas. Through "Operation Gratitude" $100 gift certificates and boxes of cards shall be donated. Anything done for our troops is a treasure indeed. A Merry Christmas for all.

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