Friday, November 21, 2008

To Live Debt Free

Lady Gatekeeper does not own much in this life but she does live debt free. Hard to believe, yet the house is paid off as is her little red SUV. Most excellent, indeed.

Of course, it was not always the case. Right before the Lord of the Manor went his own way they had amassed quite a large sum of credit debt. There was no way out as Lady Gatekeep was now a single mom without a job. She decided that debt consolidation might give her a new beginning or, at least, tackle that debt. For the Gatekeeper it was a blessing. All her bills became one low monthly payment and her helpers even managed to convince her debtors to drop those awful finance charges and interest rates almost completely disappeared. It took a little over four years but it was manageable, and in the end, very successful.

We have heard that the economy is not at its best. Perhaps we were to blame ourselves. After all, we have been living on credit for so long. Nevertheless, now is the time to consolidate all those bills . . . gather into one, so to speak, and come out on top of it all.

At any rate, one must do their own homework. Find the best program for you, but do get your finances in order. It will all work better in the end.

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