Friday, November 21, 2008

And Then There Was Mom

Mom's little blog (from 1942) has been neglected. It was not done on purpose, but Lady Gatekeeper's aunt, Mom's sister, was not able to dig into her past and give us those golden nuggets of history. We thought it better to leave things alone for a while and continue with mom's side of the story. It is a hard thing indeed to stir up memories of torture, death of young friends, and a war that left them homeless and penniless.

We are looking into finishing the story and finding a publisher. Perhaps we shall just self-publish to have it available to family members. It's history that we can't afford to lose. It sure has brought Mother and I closer. Or at least, LG understands things so much better.

Nonetheless, Thanksgiving means more to us than turkey and all its trimmings, though we do appreciate it. Family, after all, is most important. So Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. Hope you drop in to mom's blog once in a while and hopefully we will have updates soon.

Here's Dad's Story, "Paradise Interrupted."
Picture top right: Mom and her friends in New Guinea. She's the one on the far right.


Sharon Lynne said...

Glad you are going to continue the story. It must be hard! But you have done such a great job so far.

I have a new Dutch friend. Letty, the woman I take care of. We often drive by your dad's EM church on our errands. Her life took a different route than your parents. Hers was simply Holland to Iowa to Southern Ca.

Keep that story going!

The Gatekeeper said...

Ah, the blessings of a simple life.