Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Creative With Christmas

Lady Gatekeeper has bookmarked a most wondrous site. If you are anything like she is, very un-gifted, so to speak, with the Christmas Crafts, which would make the Castle feel so cozy, you might need some help. Not to worry help is here after all.

Celebrations has ideas for one's perfect Christmas festival and one can include the children in all the preparations. Lady Gatekeep likes the "foodie" theme. Let us see . . . edible ornaments for the tree--marshmallow snowman perhaps. The recipe is fine and very simple. Your little ones will enjoy their time in the kitchen. A little fondue party would bring your royal family that much closer around the holidays. It will make the work feel like play. Dip the rice crispie treats in the warm chocolate while singing the praises of baby Jesus . . . indeed!

Furthermore, there are links to Christmas stories, and the histories thereof, for Lords and Ladies to share with family and friends. Put a log on the fireplace, pour the eggnog, recline and enjoy.

Come and celebrate the season and be creative about it. Many blessings to you and yours on this holiday we know as Christmas.

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