Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Days Of Harvest

Ah yes, 'tis time to dust the Castle. Either that or it is once again
time to unearth those Halloween Costumes. Oh bother, not quite Lady Gatekeeper's favorite time of year. Nonetheless, the fair must go on and the maiden will wear what is befitting. It's fun after all and brings out that sense of adventure. Makes her feel pretty as well. 'Tis true, Lady Gatekeeper is such a romantic.

Furthermore, the Harvest Festival at our stone-walled church will probably not allow for Lady Vampire or Queen Pirate to spread joy and happiness, not to mention candy and prizes, to all the local rug brats . . . I mean, children.

And speaking of said children, there is a Gatekeeper costume to consider. What? A costume? Lady Gatekeeper is quite perplexed but she might have to ask the Prince of the castle to try one on and stand guard. The lanterns will burn through the night so come join the feast of sweets.

It is all at The Halloween Adventure where there is a plethora amount of appropriate costumes in all sizes, if I might add, and if one is not satisfied there is a quick and easy return policy. Journey to their domain, bring those darn credit cards or locate the ole shoppe nearby. Come and visit if you dare . . . we'll keep the gate open.

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