Monday, October 13, 2008

The Case For Membership

Lady Gatekeeper has been a part of her church for about 20 years now and is finally becoming a member. Actually, in the very beginning of Newsong, she indeed was a member. However, somewhere between Pastor Number Two and Three she was dismembered. Hehehe. No matter, just fill in "Spiritual Gifts Inventory" sheet and viola, instant membership. Or something like that.

Nonetheless, she was asked to go through the classes again and she accepted the invitation. Since then, though she has nothing against membership, she once again questions its validity or reason thereof.

Is it accountability? If so, to who or what? Does a church flourish with or without it? Case in point--Calvary Chapel does fine without any sort of membership; Newsong does well with. It is a question that has never truly been answered satisfactorily . . . at least for the Gatekeeper. What say ye?


Sam Gamgee said...

When I was becoming a member, way back when, I guess I saw it as citizenship, in a way. I was making my declaration. "This is my home. I'm staying." Over time, that grew into the other side of the citizenship question. "This is my home. If I'm going to have the advantages of being here, then I'm going to take seriously my responsibilities as well."

The Gatekeeper said...

Point taken. Nicely said Sam.