Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pish Posh And Such

It has been quiet an interesting summer thus far. The heat (100+) has been no factor at all. Air conditioning in the old automobile works just fine, the house stays at an even 78-80 degrees F without the AC on and the pool has been a joy to keep clean from the gazillion bugs that try to swoop in for a drink of water. We even have a garden frog now. Where it came from is still a mystery. There's nothing but dry desert around us.

The Somebody Loves You event was extraordinary. Here's my review of the POD concert which was awesome--no surprise there. And I am finally printing up my novel to send out to agents (well the book proposals anyhow), and publishers after I get one final edit from my editor. Hehehee, my editor . . . go figure. I have an editor. By the way, the first five chapters were entered into a writer's contest and it won third prize--THIRD!!! Okay, I'm humbled but . . . nice check.

Well, Summer school for the Kid has six days left and then he is free. He received an A for Behavioral Science and now he's in the middle, almost the end, of his Geography class. I knew this kid could learn. A's and B's in his last report card is not too shabby. This after I was told to send him to . . . gulp . . . that school for problem kids with learning disabilities. Of course, they did somehow manage to lose his transcripts from our homeschooling days. You know the transcripts with his straight A's (one B). They blamed the other school.

Nonetheless, we shall try to make it to Seattle after school is done and hang out with all those EMO rockers in Washington. Should be fun. Although with these gas prices we might have to think about it for a little bit. By the way, that's my boy in the front row of the MxPx concert at FreedomFest.

More pish posh . . . did anyone see Iron Man? That kid in the village was a pretty good actor, wouldn't you say? LOL. Big sister almost got up in the middle of the theater to shout, "That's my brother!" Ah, maybe next time. In any case, life is good. I'm a little upset with God but Friend in Kentucky just prayed for me. I guess that's a post for another time.

One more thing . . . I made a cute little Splash Page and placed all my really good money makers there. It's a little hard finding work out here. Not to mention I've been overlooked for that younger crowd. Nevertheless, making a few bucks here and there on the net has kept us afloat. Check out Money In My PJ's. More pish posh coming later.

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