Thursday, July 17, 2008

Money Fitness

Once again, let us tackle our financial fitness plan and get a little bit of that Debt help. So lend us an ear for a while and begin training with the Gatekeeper. Can't hurt, you know.

Now Lady Gatekeeper would not put you through anything unless she has done the exercise herself, and this she did. A few questions were asked and answered to see just exactly how fit she was. Well, at least, how financially fit she might be.

It was quite an improvement from the last time she took such a test which is good news indeed. Room to better herself is still in order however. She scored a respectable 74% . . . don't get all high and mighty here. It can only get better. Remember, LG is a single mom and does her best . . . at all times one might add. It's a humble C and she is aware that most women in her age bracket, and what not, are scoring around 84%. Nice goal to reach for.

Needless to say, the Gatekeeper learned a lot after taking the test (which only took around five minutes or so) about getting financially fit. One such thing was to try to save around 5% of her paycheck. YIPES! Not as easy as that might sound, but definitely something to consider.

In any case, come run through this exercise with the Gatekeeper and find out how you can get financially fit. Many blessings, my friend, and here's to finding out how to make your payments on time so that you too can keep your castle.

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