Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mom and Dad: Part D

I must say that the Gatekeeper is wildly confused about the Medicare Part D benefit. Having both her Father and Mother on this plan they needed to find what exactly was or was not covered. Needless to say they had not a clue, or understood any, of the new Medicare plans. Too many parts for any of them to sift through.

For the most part the Medicare Part D prescription coverage was what we needed to tackle. It seemed everything, all of a sudden, began to cost a pretty penny under this new plan. Apparently they did not have the right parts in place.

Nonetheless, through the Medicare Drug Assistance site they were able to find the help they needed. Indeed! Even a most helpful blog was found at the official Part D site with such pertinent tips on how to avoid senior health scams.

Furthermore, there is a worksheet one can use to see if Father and Mother qualify for even more savings on this Part D. And we shall all be blessed to read about the price comparisons. One's deductible is discussed as is one's coverage limit.

So there you have it, my friends. If you are as confused as the Gatekeeper's family was, visit My Part D USA dot com and put your mind at ease. Remember our precious seniors and educate yourself on getting them the best plan available. Here's to our health.

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