Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Neighborhood Chronciles: Of Empty Nests And Family

The winds have died, the rain has passed and the snow slowly melts to raise the level of the river below. Mornings stay dark a little longer but the sun leaves much later now. Life is returning to the desert. Children play on empty streets--it is always good to hear their laughter.

Princess S. has spread her wings at the tender age of 19 and lives in a beautiful baby castle close to the Mouse. Yes, that Mouse who never ages and likes to hang out with a duck and a giant talking dog. He lives in a bouncy house so what can one expect. This, of course, leaves an empty room in our castle. But not to worry there is no time for loneliness here.

A wagonload of Washingtonians came by for a night. Five of them, to be exact, passed through after Princess LaCrosse won her tournament in Vegas. Hip hip, hooray! Well done and all that stuff. Spent a day with the Mouse et al and slipped back into California Adventure the day after. Fun to be had by all.

In any case, Lord Layne (name used because he wants to be famous--eventually) will once again don his inline skates and fly off every park bench, rail and gazebo. Lady Gatekeeper has learned not to watch. Forget the worry, LL says, all those "cool" protective gear will stay on. So we believe. Mmmm, pictures do tell the story.

A little spatter of rain might return throughout the Spring season but all in all the sun is smiling once again and soon it will scorch the land and take away all that is green and good. And the cycle continues. It is good in our neighborhood with our crystal clear lakes, lush green forests and white mountain tops. How goes it with you all?


Sharon Lynne said...

Oh my! The princess is out? May the mighty Lord watch over her. Lord Layne looks well. How are you?

Can you stroll away from the lush green forests and white mountain tops for a moment to take a walk at the beach?

Come visit California Breeze.

Lady G~ said...

Oh my Lady Gatekeeper, don't be heavy hearted. The princess will not stray. She will remember all that has been taught and learned.

How wise not to watch Lord Layne "do his stuff". I too have learned to look the other way. :o)

Seems like we have much in common. We are kindred spirits. Praying you have a Holy Spirit filled week.