Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Liquid Force?

Lady Gatekeeper is one who believes that each parent should know what their children are doing, or are into one could say. Especially when said child starts using language such as Liquid Force wakeboards or aggressive inline skating. Honestly, LG had to reinvent herself to find out why her child had a need to be aggressive on his skates. As it turned out it was all good and rather impressive.

It seems that our kids have taken a few sports to levels we could have only dreamed about. This of course, is why concerned parents are grateful to companies like Modern Skate and Surf who will keep our children safe. One would only hope. As my son has said, if you have to keep safety in mind it would be nice to look cool while doing it. Can't go wrong with protective goggles called Dragon or Pro Wrist Guards. He won't wear anything else.

Furthermore, Son is attempting to add to his skills for that all important movie role and trying out the wakeboard. Again, being pulled by a speeding boat only to fly through the air is every boy's dream and every mother's nightmare. Nonetheless, a quick study of safety measures at the site is comforting.

In any case, educate yourselves at the Modern Skate & Surf site. One should be pleased that they offer camps. Now there is one awesome summer event. Anything you need to know about equipment, protective gear, accessories and even car racks is available at the site. Take a tour with your rowdy teens and bring your worlds a little closer together.

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