Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Win An Ipod Nano

Lady Gatekeeper has decided to find a few easy ways for her friends to win some fun stuff. Of course, one might have to listen to her life stories once in a while. It will be worth it. To begin with then, in order for you to win that Ipod Nano (also on Lady Gatekeep's Christmas list) one would have to sign up, for free, to receive the Trusted Travel eNewsletter.

Therefore, after signing for this trusted travel report newsletter, Lady Gatekeeper will embark on her own travels. This is part of a journal she kept while traveling to the Land of the South called San Diego, the real City by the Bay and probably named after Saint Diego.

Now here is a city where, if lost, it won't matter so much. We stayed in a quaint Spanish style hotel where the ocean breeze kept us company for most of the nights. Exhilarating really. The charm of San Diego can be visited on a trolley for a two-hour tour complete with narration. We took advantage of this and along the way disembarked to stroll through Old Town SD and the San Diego Zoo. Seaport Village we missed out on but we returned with a picnic basket which was devoured in Balboa Park . It's all worth the visit.

There is so much to see in this sweet town where the weather alone will revive those aching bones and relax the mind. Upon returning this way my advise to self, and friends, would be to employ the help of a travel service, perhaps one like Trusted Tours and Attractions. This way one's time is not wasted and all the particulars of sightseeing is not lost.

And in case it is forgotten to my dear readers, one can win that all illusive Ipod Nano just for signing up for this newsletter. Enjoy and happy, safe traveling in this holiday season. Merry Christmas.


eric said...

San Diego, some people only vacation here.

I posted some pics last week of the snow and high surf.

There is no better place to live.

The Gatekeeper said...

Snow and surf. Sounds like heaven to me. See you there! Well, in a matter of speaking. :)