Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Neighborhood Chronciles: The Day Before Thanksgiving

Our doors to the Castle has been wide open all week. The neighborhood Children have discovered that Lady Gatekeeper and family brought home new toys--a pool table and a ping-pong table. Much fun to be had by one and all. This of course makes the castle very noisy, not to mention those same said children bring along to our Castle their own toys: motor cycles, bikes, a television set for Wii (oy!), skate board ramps, skates, skateboards, sidewalk chalk and younger siblings. Lady Gatekeeper needs ear plugs and a good rest. And it might not hurt to restock her cold box with snacks.

Nonetheless, it is now the day before Thanksgiving and it is rather quiet. We shall see how long that lasts. It could be, however, that families have vacated the premises for Thanksgiving visits in other lands. Ah, peace!

Lady Gatekeep's Thanksgiving table will have all the trimmings, so to speak, with a little bit of that exotic taste from the Pacific Islands ('tis where we come from after all) thrown in the mix. We thought we might lose young Lord Layne this holiday season as Lord Father Man was thinking of bringing him to his home. But alas, work schedule will not allow for this. Nevertheless, we are pleased indeed to have L with us this year. Christmas, of course, might be an entirely other episode for us to deal with.

On a rather sad note, our beloved Arwin and Samee (dogs) have escaped into the forest of Idylwild and no one has seen them since Sunday. We pray that they are safe and happy. 'Twas not anything we expected for Thanksgiving. In any case we hope you and your family will enjoy each other's company on this otherwise festive occasion.


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Naomi said...

Sorry to hear about your dogs Gatekeeper. Did they return home? Hope the smell of turkey brought them back safely!

The Gatekeeper said...

No, sad to say our pups have not made it back yet. We thought of a nice trick though. There is a very high-pitched set of bells we have. It used to drive them crazy, barked every time they heard it. Maybe we can at least hear them bark.