Thursday, November 22, 2007

Live Free, Drive Hard

So Lady Gatekeeper, since the Lord of the Manor has left the Castle, entrusts her car to the technicians at AAMCO when her RAV4 runs into transmission problems. Those young men are certified you know. Thus if problems with your AC or even shocks should arise, because you Drive Hard, journey on down--they would indeed take care of it for you. Furthermore, a free tow is much appreciated.

In any case, has luck been on your side, my friend? Then this should perk your interest. After all California is a nice place to visit. And you could win a few extra days of fun in the sun. A cliche I am aware, but true. Here is the deal. Head on to AAMCO (dot com) and give up your email address and zip code and you shall receive an offer for a free oil change. And ye shall also be automatically registered for a trip for two to Hollywood.

Four days in tinsel town and one day with Mr. Stuntman. The very one who worked on the movie "Live Free, Die Hard." How cool is that? Fun indeed! There is much to see, wonderful places to dine and maybe one could learn a stunt or two. Everyone deserves a few pleasures now and again. Good luck and keep it real.

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Anonymous said...

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