Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Squidoo Lens

I am not quite sure why I made a Squidoo lens yesterday, but I must say it was rather a lot of fun. I guess if I can find yet another community of online friends I would hope to interest more people to read this blog and especially mom's blog. In any case the lens is a little more focused on writing and how to make a living with it. It sure looks pretty and I am attempting to interact by joining groups with others who might have similar goals and whatnot. At least I make a little bit from their Google Adsense which, for some reason, I cannot do with this blog. Nonetheless, it seems my mugshot is finding its place on the internet--am not sure if this is good or bad. We shall see.

Squidoo Pages or Lens
My FaceBook
My ShoutLife
Lady Gatekeep's MySpace
I start discussions here

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Naomi said...

I joined a couple of online communities myself Gatekeeper - MyBlogLog and SpicyPage. Haven't got round to Facebook yet. They seem to have brought a lot of new visitors.

I used to have Adsense on my blog but could never get it to display properly. Somebody told me that it can be the kiss of death for a blog and if it becomes too commercialised people stop visiting. Not sure how true that is.