Thursday, October 25, 2007

Christian Trend Setters

Well the Gatekeeper thought this was rather interesting to talk about--Christians sharing knowledge with one another about what goes out on the market. Any market I suppose, but more than likely focusing on the faith-based one. If one likes movies, for instance, and would like to influence others to see a particular film (or not see) then joining would be beneficial as writing a review would greatly influence others one way or the other.

Furthermore, if receiving products before it is released to the public is of interest to you then, as one can imagine, would be the right place for you. You shall be called Jammers from this time forward. Jammers, mind you, will have the inside scoop on the many treasures (goodies free and otherwise) and their honest opinion I hear might very well shape the future of certain products before they hit the market place. Come jam with us.

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