Monday, October 01, 2007

Bermuda Dreams

Ah yes, as the summer sunsets of orange wisps fade slowly from the desert sky, Lady Gatekeeper has thoughts of running on pink sandy beaches. It is not a far off place at all this tropical paradise known as Bermuda--located on the Mid-Atlantic coast of our blessed USA. Would it not be heaven to sail on a yacht to this island treasure? I would say so.

I can almost taste the ocean salt as I close my eyes. Shall we mention the bounty of the local fishermen; lobster perhaps, or rockfish and wahoo? Unfortunately the Gatekeeper might have to forego the shark that is so famous in most of the authentic Bermudian dishes. My palate has goose bumps. There is a British influence on the island which makes it all so dreamy for a Gatekeeper such as I. Afternoon tea and biscuits? Oh indeed.

Speaking of lazy afternoons under clear blue skies and warm sunshine, known as "Bermuda high," one cannot help but wade in cool waters of gentle waves caressing one's ankles. Swim with the dolphins is always on Lady Gatekeep's mind. Ah the water, my friends, will always beckon. There are relics to be found and shipwrecks to explore in Bermuda's seas. It is a island in one's dreams.

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