Monday, September 17, 2007

Spa Covers

Okay then, this might not be the funnest thing to do -- go shopping for spa covers -- but if you would like to keep that spa clean and well protected, might I suggest a visit to compare prices for the Best Spa Covers from HotTubWorks.

Any company that can back up their claims that their construction is second to none is, at least, worth a look. They provide a nice warranty, always a good thing and if you have trouble measuring for a spa cover there's a how-to video available. Hey, you can even check out how they make your cover--tracking from your order status to completed product.

Let us explore what else "The Hot Tubs Works" has to offer; fast email response and even live phone sales and support, and would you believe information on replacement spa covers. Have fun in that tub for many years to come.


Naomi said...

Good post Gatekeeper. It's funny because a young man I work with has just taken delivery of a hot tub at the end of last week. They are only just being introduced over here, probably due to the cooler climate we have here in England! Anyway it sounds like this young man I work with is having fun with his new tub! He shares a house with three other young men and they all chipped in to buy it!

The Gatekeeper said...

Fun! I love sitting in a hot tub when it's freezing outside, especially when it snows. Makes for nice pictures too and a good cup of hot chocolate sounds yummy.