Monday, September 17, 2007

Mom's 1942 Blog

Just a really quick post to see if I can grab a few more readers for Mom's 1942 blog. She and Sister are trying to get a few more facts straight so we can write the next installment. They are at this moment discussing what happened to Laney (mom) after her life-threatening accident in the makeshift bathrooms. I have one POV (mom's) and now Sister has another. Oy! It seems we have a need to find out exactly who talked the guards into helping them. It's getting hairy over there. btw . . . If you have a WWII story from the East Indies I would love to hear it.

And if you'd like to buy mom's cookbook "Come and Dine," we would appreciate it. The funds will pay for self-publishing Mom's story--WinePress looks good so far.

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Naomi said...

Your mum's blog is good Gatekeeper and very well written. I'm going to add the link to my blog. Hopefully it might attract some more readers for you.

The Gatekeeper said...

Aaah, Naomi, a true friend you are.