Friday, August 10, 2007

The Ultimate Surf Board Experience

Summer is still with us. Need a surfboard? Want it shaped? The Surfboard Warehouse connects surfers with specific surfboard shapers. Nice! A few of the shapers the Warehouse currently carry are: Lost, Orion, Linden, Cordell and others. The names should sound familiar to the best of you surfers. Princess S. has hers ready to go. She's looking for a fin and the Warehouse has them too.

The best fins on the market like future fins are available--check out the Vector 2 Black Stix (Princess Ocean Angel has her eyes on that one. She likes the light and strong aspect.) The fcs fins are also impressive. These were a collaboration between FCS and hydrodynamic experts. Make sure to take a look at those. No doubt, they'll have exactly what you need for your customized board.

Furthermore, if you are traveling, or perhaps on tour The Surboard Warehouse can deliver your completely shaped board to wherever you are. Go hang ten and enjoy the rest of this summer!

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