Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summer Vacation

Young Lord Layne and Lady Gatekeeper are headed for Snohomish, Washington this Sunday. Just thought I would tell the news a little sooner so I can journal our crazy prep days. We have much to see, do and learn. We'll be helping cousins Don, Holli, Cindy and Byron set up the big three-day event. There might be camping involved with long-haired musicians and obnoxiously loud Christian Emo people. Fun! Indeed I thought my rock' n roll days were over, apparently I was wrong. FreedomFest here we come. Lord Layne is taking a journalism class this coming school year and he is leaning towards that Rock journalist type reporter. Oh no! What have I raised? Dejavu.

For your listening pleasure you may now listen to Radio Freedom Fest. Get your ear plugs, I am not responsible for any hearing loss.

Here's Seventh Day Slumber--I kept it mellow for you.


Lady G~ said...

Hope you have a Holy Spirit filled vacation! :o)

Sharon Lynne said...

Have a great trip!

The Gatekeeper said...

Thanks, you guys. It will definitely be a soul searching trip as far as what does the Lord require of me. We'll have fun along the way.