Monday, August 06, 2007

Little Blog Gets Big Thoof

So you want your little blog to grow up with the big boys? You'll have to unlearn a few things (like rankings and popularity) and get thoofed. What? You haven't heard? Well . . . it shall be my pleasure to offer an explanation. Think of Thoof as your daily newspaper which will deliver, to your very happy browser, more personalized news than your brain can keep up with. I know, you'll try. The news that you can submit could be a very interesting post on your blog. You have those, don't you? Something you want the world to read?

For example, I had the honor of scooping author GP Taylor's treasure hunt to introduce his new book, "Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box." This unique treasure hunt is to be held in Scarborough. Of course, I might not have actually been the first to know but I apparently was one of the first to write about it. I submitted the post to Thoof and received a nice volume of new readers to my blog. That particular post is still around 91%, meaning it's 91% more interesting than any other piece of news. Or at least, that's what I am led to believe. Many thanks go out to one of my favorite authors, Mr. GP Taylor.

Follow the number inside the Thoof badge on the bottom of this post and you'll see how we're doing. Humor me if we slump a bit. The badge is an incredibly painless process to install by the way. In any case send your own news--it's easy and your blog can try to beat up on my blog. Let's thoof it out!

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