Saturday, August 04, 2007

Exhaustion Killed The Sound Girl (The Writing Minutes)

Just kidding, of course. Nevertheless, this Gatekeeper was so tired (after 4 days of running sound at VBS) she couldn't make the 200-mile journey back to her desert home and decided to get herself a room at Motel 6. Honestly, they're starting to set aside my own room.

(btw, if you read all the way to the end of this post I will have the link to Mom's Cookbook, Come and Dine--it has secret family recipes, lol)

In any case, Friday was spent with my little old ladies from Pasadena. No, just kidding again, they're not all from Pasadena! Hehehehe. Actually if any of them are "old" you would never know. These gals drive a few hundred miles in order to share a Friday with their writing buddies.

Oh yes, the minutes of our Writing Group. Forget it! Sharon Lyn decided to go camping and leave the task to me. Ha! It's pointless, I tell ya. Lady Gatekeep's memory--not that good. But lots was discussed . . .

We edited/critiqued about three manuscripts including "The Power Suit Bible Study," by Sharon Norris Elliott. Soon available at any local bookstore. I'll let you know when.

And btw, if you would like to attend her Seminar, "Authorize Me" visit her site for info. This seminar will have your book outlined and ready for publication. Furthermore, Sharon runs a 3-day women's retreat filled with workshops which will teach you how to take care of you from the soul to the body.

REJOICE in fellowship, fun, and faith
as your spirit, soul, and body flow in unison
for this fantastic weekend spiritual spa retreat at the incomparable
Boulders Resort and Golden Door Spa, in Carefree, AZ.

June 27 - 29, 2008

Interested? Sign up at the Milk and Honey Life website. Tell her The Gatekeeper sent you.

Next item on the agenda: We went through Sandee's chapter of her new book. The title is a secret . . . or wait . . . it has no title yet. I suggested "The Yearnings." uuuuuwww. Daddy, Will You Dance with Me? is still doing well. It's a picture book/gift book that portrays the life of a little girl--whose Daddy loves to dance with her. Here's a review from Amazon . . .

Reviewed by GeorgeAnne Smith

This little gem of a book, "Daddy Will You Dance With Me?," was one of the most delightful, sentimental, and heartwarming books I've read in quite some time. Short in length, but long on message, the author, Sandra Schoger Foster, not only relates, but shows the reader just how special the relationship can be between a girl and her father.

Sandra begins the story when this precious girl was just a young child, and continues through adolescence, on to adulthood. Through a few pleasant twists and turns, we watch the bond between father and daughter grow ever stronger over the years. Without giving away any secrets to the story middle or ending, I'll just mention that this sweet saga survives into the next generation.

Beautifully written and illustrated with talent and attention to detail, "Daddy, Will You Dance With Me?," will make a lovely gift to your father, or a wonderfully appropriate keepsake for anyone you know who wishes to create memories with their own fathers. My father passed on four years ago, but when I read this book, memories flooded back to me of my special relationship with him. Whether a gift for Father's Day, birthdays, or stocking stuffer, make sure to put this book on your shopping list for that special someone. I guarantee it will put a smile on their faces when they read it; I know it did mine.

Well now, let's see. We also found out that Marilyn's book High chair devotions is out of print. Oh my! The life of a writer. This book will introduce your toddler to the Bible. Amazon has a few left and contact me if you would like an autograph copy. I'm sure Marilyn would be happy to oblige. She also has other news--Marilyn has become a greatgrandmother which makes her mom (who is still living) a greatgreatgrandmother--and another Oh My!

Jane was also present. She has many projects but alas because of the nature of her work it's all top secret. Take a look at her books: Stories from the Front Lines: Power Evangelism in Today's World and Signs and Wonders in America Today: Amazing Accounts of God's Power. That should keep you busy. Jane is revising another book of hers, but again . . . oh yes . . . it's top secret! Maybe if you visit her site she'll tell you.

Ruth also attended Friday. She's looking good these days. Ruth is our poet and she's the one who loves to send encouraging mail and email. It's an art. Actually we should take all her emails and publish it in a book. Mmmmm. Any title suggestions?

My goal right now is to have these ladies start their own blogs. Sharon Lynn did and I might have convinced Sandee also. We shall see. Blogging RULES!!!

Hey, you've come to the end of the post. Here's a link to Mom's cookbook, "Come and Dine." Recipes from Holland, Australia and Indonesia. Enjoy! The Indo recipes are family secrets. We convinced mom to publish them because my generation has lost the ability to cook. But it seems our daughters are picking up the skill again. I don't know what happened to us. Hope you purchase "Come and Dine" it will help us self-publish her 1942 WWII memories blog. Have a great weekend and if you're in the neighborhood come and take a dip in our lake or pool.


Jane Rumph said...

Thanks, dear Gatekeeper, for your summary of our meeting! I forgot all about minutes until after everyone had left. Your report here is much more interesting than the bits I would have sent to the critique group mailing list. Now I better go update my website one of these months! No way could I blog so regularly as you. All blessings!

The Gatekeeper said...

Hey Jane, remember you really wouldn't have to blog as regular as me. But if you did want to update you could do it in minutes and whenever you wanted to. And it's sooooooooo easy. Plus your readers could leave comments. We're a comment generation. Keep writing, my friend.