Saturday, July 07, 2007

Send Flowers Please

There is a loud knock on the castle door that echoes through all the stony halls. A young man, dressed so very sharply, proudly announces the reason for his journey. "Flower delivery," he says. "Field fresh flowers from our growers' farm, My Lady."

"Impressive," I whisper.

And what of you, dear readers? What occasion do you need to celebrate with flowers this fine day? Any occasion should do, or simply for love. Make the journey to Dot flowers to home deliver any flower arrangement which will be designed in your local floral shoppe. This, I suspect, would assure the freshness of each stem, bud and blossom.

Furthermore, if one needs to send more than flowers, or addition to, Lady Gatekeep would suggest a beautiful gourmet gift basket filled with extraordinary delights; scrumptious cookies, savory snacks and other treats. This can be delivered to any destination throughout all the lands of the United States.

In conclusion your Gatekeeper would remind you that Dot Flowers has a customer service department fully devoted to ensure complete satisfaction. And it is understood that delivery of any such gifts mentioned afore can be on the very day you place the order. So by all means, do enjoy the service at Dot Flowers as well as the gift giving, or receiving one might add.


Lady G~ said...

The only time I ever got flowers from my Knight was when I recovering from the delivery of our babies. He's not a big flower giver. BUT he is a giver of many other things. Which is fine and dandy with me. :o)

The Gatekeeper said...

No doubt, Lady G. I would settle for flowers at this point. All the "other" many things will come one day. Right?

Lady G~ said...

That's right. Keep the faith...