Friday, July 06, 2007

500th Post

This marks my 500th post. Wow! A little bit of an accomplishment, I would say. Not much to report, however.

I am doing a few mom things today. Driving around 200 miles (round trip) so that Spanky can attend his friend's birthday party. It will be a sort of re-union for them. Ya gotta have friends.

For Spanky/Layne we are putting together a scrap book, because I have been told that boys really don't mind their mothers doing that. Just don't let them know it, I suppose. So out come the baseball pictures and all his glorious seconds in the movies/television shows. Would you like to read about some of them? I knew you would. It's quite a bit of fun little tidbits of useless "Hollywood" info from an accidental child actor.

He really didn't mean to start in this business, he just kind of fell into it and he honestly does not know if he can make it in Hollywood but hey, it's been fun. Read our Misadventures of the Almost Famous right here with more to come. Yes, I think we're on Hollywood's D List, or maybe even the E List. We try!

In any case, see Layne (for more than 10 seconds even) in, "The Heartbreak Kid." He's on the beach teaching Michelle Monaghan how to use a skim board (or something like that). This movie, also starring Ben Stiller, will have its debut in 2008. It has been getting awful, and I mean awful reviews. We, on the other hand had a great day on the set, which was Zuma Beach. I even got to appreciate God's wonderful creations.

Another fun couple of days was when Layne worked with Oded Fehr and cast. We don't have Showtime, however, so we didn't get to see the episode of "Sleeper Cell" that Layne was on. But he did get to kick a lot of dust on Mr. Fehr while running through a Yemen village. Always a treat for kids.

Well, that's it for now. We hope you enjoy our misadventures in Hollywood, there's more to come. If your young one has any notion of being a starlet, you might want to read my Tips to get them started. Take the Lord with you into this business, be wise, and you could make a difference there.


Lady G~ said...

WOW! 500! That's quite and accomplishment. I so enjoy visiting you. You always have something great to share.

The Gatekeeper said...

Aww, thanks, my friend.