Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mariah Mundi

Father walked in with the mail this morning. The mailman (he was unusually early today) hand-delivered a few magazines and a package from England with a little sticker that said "Royal Mail." Fun! It's like receiving mail from the Queen, only better. Our little package was from author G.P. Taylor.

Yes, I received his yet-to-be-released "Mariah Mundi." What a treasure, just like its author. He autographed it for me--a very interesting signature it is. Makes one smile and giggle a bit. At any rate, the BBC, and bloggers everywhere, have already deemed Mr. Taylor and Mariah Mundi worthy of the Potter crown. (Check my post with the BBC news report.)

In any case, tonight I shall start the first chapter and will write a review as soon as I am finished with this gripping Gothic mystery. Maybe I should read this to our neighborhood children. After all, Mr. Taylor actually tours schools with his book/s. That is just too wonderful for words.

One last thing before I sign off for the evening. We are looking for a few Christian bloggers who love to read and write reviews. If you would like a copy of "Mariah Mundi" before it hits the stores please leave me a comment. I will check out your blog and forward it to Mr. Taylor. Oh, don't I just sound so official. Just humor me. No really, leave a comment if you would like your own copy. A good evening to all.


Lady G~ said...

Oh Lady Gatekeeper, how fortunate you are to receive a copy! I would love to receive a copy. I'm not a good writer. So I don't think I'd be a good one to write a review. I'd still like a copy. Where do I send my $ to? :o) Do you need my email address?

The Gatekeeper said...

Oh, my silly, crazy and wonderful bloggie friend, Lady G. You don't need no money. Hehehe. You are so sweet and funny. Email me your address and we shall take it from there. And as far as a review goes. You can just say things like "I really liked the book." :) One step at a time.

prying1 said...

I clicked on the Wiki link you provided and am enthralled with him from reading 2-3 sentences. I've got to start at book one of the Shadowmancer series. Are you linked to Amazon? -

I'd love to have a review copy and agree that the signature you recieved is well worth a chuckle if not more. Those who don't find an upsurge of happiness from seeing that inscription need to have a heart transplant. From stone to flesh...

The Gatekeeper said...

Hey P. Yep, there's a link to Shadowmancer on the bottom of this page/blog. And I'll get you your review copy of Mariah Mundi. Have a great weekend.

Carole Johnson said...

I have all of Mr Taylor's books, each signed with his amusing signature and each one was an excellent read. I have just finished reading "Wormwood" and like "Shadowmancer" and "Tersius," I couldn't put it down.
I am very excited as I have just bid for and won for a song, a proof copy of "Mariah Mundi" on Ebay, but not signed, so if possible, I would love a signed copy, or even just a signiture to pop inside of my book.
Probably no chance but I can dream.
Enjoy your copy of the book.
CJ x

The Gatekeeper said...

Hi CJ. Thanks for stopping by. You have an awesome and beautiful poetry and family site. I will spend some time reading your poetry. Yorkshire seems to be a good setting for my novel (speak about dreams). Hopefully I can make it there sometime. I would love for you to review Mariah Mundi for my blog and I will link to your site. Just a thought. Have a great weekend.

Carole Johnson said...

Having read "Mariah Mundi" I can thoroughly recommend it as a book for all ages. It has you watching events unfold in technicolor, while you follow Mariah and the fiesty little Sasha, in a kind of virtual reality, as they are chased from the bowels of the Prince Regent Hotel into the foul stinking sewers.
Like the rest of G P Taylor's books, you just don't want to put it down until you have read the last page and then you are left waiting eagerly for the next book in the series. I am not giving any further clues to the contents of the book.
All I can say is, "BUY IT!"

john senior said...

I do hope you are enjoying GP's new book and look forward to reading your review! Should you be tempted to visit Scarborough for the launch on the 8th, why not pop down to the Golden Grid Fish Restaurant, Harbourside, Scarborough for a plate of my best Fish and Chips.
Yours faithfully
The Captain (

Super Duper! said...

After trying to start Shadowmancer and failing, I was at first a little wary of this book. G.P. Taylor has a habit of over describing things sometimes, trying to set the scene too much. He clouds his writing with adjectives, adverbs and far too many words. His style was so verbose that after reading a paragraph, my mind had wandered somewhere else.

With Mariah Mundi, he has cut back on the lengthy paragraphs of descriptive writing and focused more on the story, making it accessible to a larger age bracket. While he has cut back on the descriptions, he is still far too verbose, adding descriptions of everything, which leads the mind to wander and forget what was just read. The plot was chillingly gothic and laced with folklore, seeming at times to be a little too dark for younger children (it certainly freaked me out a bit). Parts of the plot just didn't sit right with me, especially the bit at the very end with the Pagarus, and the reaction to meeting the Kraken. Storylines were hurriedly finished (Old Scratty, for example), which has always annoyed me *cough* harry potter bk 7 *cough*, and brings down my overall impression of the novel.

All that said, I really did enjoy the fast pace of this story, and the tiwsts and turns in the plot. G.P. Taylor is a wizard at capturing the attention of his audience, and dragging us along for the ride.

Definitely worth a read, although don't be too surprised when whole elements of the story are introduced with very little groundwork, particularly his inner journey to manhood at the end.