Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've Been Thoofed

Yes, it's true indeed. I've been Thoof-ranked. Quite fun actually. Thoof is a site full of personalized news stories and you can send your own or submit your favorite posts. With the ThoofRank button (shown at the bottom of this post), you'll be able to track the popularity of your submitted material. It's important to me especially when I have something wonderful to share. Therefore I submitted my "Harry Potter's Successor" post to Thoof and am willing to endure the ranking system. This one's a good one.

Thankfully it was an easy process. Trust me, it's of great importance since my techy, or non-tech, mind can't comprehend much beyond my own blog. It's an easy step by step journey to submitting your best post and after you do, a code will miraculously appear for the Thoof Badge. All you have to do is embed the said code into said post and people will start reading your story, or whatever you submitted. It's easy, adventurous and oh so much fun. Your turn, go get ThoofRanked.


Janey Loree said...

Hi Lady Gatekeeper! This sounds like fun!!! I will give it a try. Are you going to attend Cyber Celt's BLOG VILLAGE Recreation Carnival? We have until midnight on Friday to get our post submitted! If you don't already know her blog is at:


Janey Loree said...
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Janey Loree said...

BTW...where is your BLOG VILLAGE voting thingamajigger!!!

The Gatekeeper said...

Hi, Janey...I don't have anything for a recreation carnival. I guess I don't recreate much. Oof, got to change that.

And my thingamajigger for Blog Village is still up. I'm thinkin' your blog beats up on my blog and erases thingamajiggers. Hehehee.

Naomi said...

Sounds like a fun site Gatekeeper. I'll have to go over and have a look.

The Gatekeeper said...

Yes, it's really cool, plus you get a lot of visitors to your blog. And they read the post that's most important to you, so to speak. Give it a whirl.