Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Bloggers

Thought I'd let the blogosphere know of these thought-provoking posts. If I have time today I'll make a TT list. But enjoy these for now.

1. George In Iraq: 15 Months In Iraq
Quote: "There must be a balance... BUT we CANNOT leave the Middle East in disarray, and allow the troubles to follow us home."

Could you visit Major George and leave him encouraging comments? Thanks.

2. Seedlings In Stone: Filtered
Quote: "When I think of my life, I realize that it too is filtered. Through a lens of grace."

3. A Knight's Lady: Food For Thought
Quote: "If couples would put half the effort into marriage that they put into
courtship, they would be surprised how things would brighten up." -Billy Graham

4. Dual Ravens: Participants With The Holy Spirit
Quote: "When we bear such fruits for God, we escape from the domination of our mortal self . . . " (cf. Rom. 7:4-6).

5. Paul's Ponderings: God Is Enough

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