Thursday, July 19, 2007

Drink Your Veggies

How many of us actually eat enough vegetables? I believe we need at least five servings per day , if I'm not mistaken. Apparently, and sad to say, we do not come close to the healthy vegetable intake. Here's a quick, easy and perhaps a fun way to get exactly what we need. I think I might have to Drink My Daily Veggies to make it easier. Want to join me?

LaneLabs has introduced "My Daily Vegetables," which is a sort of powder mix of whole dried vegetables. You can just add water and drink. Now there's something to take on your camping trips. It's kind of like having on the go food, healthy style, of course.

Here's some of the ingredients so we know what we're putting into our bodies: Dried whole carrot powder, dried green and white whole cabbage powder, dried zucchini powder, broccoli sprout extract, tomato. Check out more ingredients at their great site.

I have to say since we've started our own vegetable gardens here in the desert I've been eating much better. However, it's probable that I'm not getting quite the variety or the right amount. My Daily Vegetables has some recipe ideas. For example if your kids love Mac and Cheese they're probably not getting the proper veggie intake. How about sprinkle some of the dried vegetable mix over the Mac and Cheese. Kudos!

In any case, you can get your own free sample, to see for yourself. It's a great alternative veggie intake option, it's organic and a great introduction to a healthier way of living. I'm going to Drink My Daily Veggies. Come join me.

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