Friday, July 20, 2007

Aches, Muscles and Freeze That Pain

This is yet another moment from our Beach Chronicles. It is a sweet story really. Sadly, however, this Beach Momma needs to evaluate which pleasures she can still participate in.

Honestly, why I still believe I can throw that frisbee and chase that flying saucer all over the sand, is beyond me. But I cannot pass up any opportunity for good clean fun. I try to settle down and read my book. Yeah, that works for a while till they bring out the beach volley ball set. I'm vicious, I tell you . . . well, at least, I used to be.

Needless to say, before the day was over, something around my left shoulder went snap. I endured the pain for a couple of hours. Pain is so annoying. Finally, I remembered that I recently came by a a new product called Freeze It so I decided to see if it could mend my aches. Well, my friends, it took a few minutes but, indeed, the pain was gone.

Furthermore, it's not like that "Icy Cold" patch thing. That product burns and quite frankly causes a panic attack. Freeze It was kind of soothing and, though it is a cool blue gel, it doesn't leave a mess between your fingers. Best of all--no lingering odor. Then again, maybe the best thing is the ingredients: vitamin E and Aloe. Or perhaps best of all (besides that it actually works), is that the price won't put an ache in your wallet.

All this to say, Beach Momma (from the Desert) is quite sold on Freeze It and will soon be the proud owner of a 3-oz Roll On little bottle for her beach bag. That should get to all those hard to reach places. Be good to your joints and by all means . . . um Freeze It. Don't you know, I couldn't resist.

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