Friday, June 29, 2007


The school year was quite a success. But it might greatly benefit my son if I should seek help with his math score--it was not as pretty as we had hoped. A little better towards the end of the year, but looking for Math Tutors nonetheless, especially in Algebra where help would be appreciated. He just didn't quite get the concept of how to study for a math test.

There's a Score learning center next to Dad's studio, which will make it convenient and a little less intimidating. Though it does seem the "class rooms" at score are set up friendly enough. A few college room mates of my daughter vouch for this program, so since my son falls into the 14-year-old range having problems with Math, we might just find ourselves at their doorsteps. How did your school year go? Just asking.


Lady G~ said...

We homeschool too. :o) Algebra... YUCK! Praise the Lord math is right up my Knight's alley. If he's not around, the older siblings help the younger ones. PTL! for large families. LOL!

School this year went great! I need to work a little hard with The Warrior. He seems to struggle a little. Which is all new to me. All my other ones have been extremely easy to teach. He just has a different way of learning. So it's been a "trail and error" for a while. But we finally figured out what works best with/for him. We also realized that he gets bored easily. Once he's learned something, it's time to move on. This coming year will be a great one for him. :o)

The Gatekeeper said...

I think the hardest thing for me was to find "what works." In Algebra I just couldn't get how come he didn't get it. But when his sister explained things to him he was fine. Go figure. Next year will be better, I think.

Paddy O. said...

Just noticed this post!

Hilarious. I was an assistant manager for a Score! learning center in Walnut not long after college. My guess is they've changed a bit in the last 7 years, but maybe not.

Lady G~ said...

I just reread my comment. I see all the misspelled words. LOL! Good thing the school patrol people aren't reading this. LOL! They'd be thinking, "And she homeschools?!"

I have to explain why this happens so often. I have a brain disorder called chiari malformation. I'll be posting about it in a couple of days. I really do know how to spell. :O)