Friday, June 29, 2007

Of Search Engines And Wash Day

We have come now to doing the laundry online. No, not really. However, consumers do a lot of research online, don't you know? With temperatures rising outside, one might really need that air conditioner. And what happens when it breaks down? Well, it seems we do some quick research online for the best repair cost estimates and so forth. Though I would suppose, it is likely that most of us will opt to buy new items such as Kenmore Washing Machines instead of repairing the old one. Here's an interesting fact: 75% of all product buyers will indeed research those big-ticket appliances online, but in the end 90% of us will make the purchase off line--usually at local retailers.

All this to say, my friends, that the Krillion Localization Engine scours the web to integrate and present actionable local search results aimed directly for the consumer who is ready to buy. This Engine, since its launch in February 2007, has already generated over 275 million pages in over 40,000 US cities. Pages, apparently, that have never been available through search engines.

So, I would say then, use Krillion as they promise to deliver and pinpoint the local search results for major appliances and other things. They call these results "actionable" meaning that we as consumers can find, get into our cars, drive to the store and buy the product. Next search: flat panel TV!

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