Saturday, June 23, 2007

Famous Authors Who Self-Published

Yes, it does seem that all I'm posting these days are my short stories and articles. But you see, these were all a part of my summer goals which included losing weight. Ahum! Haven't stepped on the scales as of yet. We must soon comply. In any case here's my latest article published on Associated Content about Mark Twain and a few others who self-published.

Famous Authors Who Self-Published:
Why Self-Publishing Could Be a Good Fit For Your Book

Have your manuscripts collected enough dust? Perhaps you have considered self-publishing your novel; a poetry collection, a book of short stories, or even those recipe cards you thought to compile into a family cookbook. Nevertheless, you’ve always thought that self-publishing was just a waste of time, not respected in the industry. There is success, however, for the author who wishes to self-publish.

Take the case of Beatrix Potter who on September 4th, 1893, sat down to write a picture letter to five-year old Noel Moore. Noel, who was feeling rather ill, was the son of Beatrix’s ex-governess. She really didn’t know what to write to the child so she penned him a story—a story about four little rabbits. “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” was soon turned into an exercise book and Ms. Potter sent it off to six publishers. Each of the publishers sent her a rejection letter.


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Fact: G. P. Taylor's young adult novel Shadowmancer was originally self-published. He sold the film rights to Universal for about $5 million.

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Sharon Lynne said...

Wow! That got published fast! Great article...and interesting!

The Gatekeeper said...

Yeah, once you get a little higher up on the AC totem pole, or something like that, your article gets looked at faster and amount on paycheck goes up a bit too.