Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Business Review

Here's an interesting, and most helpful, article discussing the success of Prosper Inc. and its CEO, Ethan Willis. Now, I shall be the first to admit that reading through a business review is a fierce battle against the yawns. However, this one kept me reading.

As one can see, the Gatekeeper is always on the lookout for any advice on how to grow one's business online. Ethan Willis explains that their educational classes tend to be more individualized. Each student would be assigned an industry expert, so to speak. As a writer I am constantly looking to seek expertise from someone who is not only in the field but has real experience along with a measure of success.

In any case, more is written on strategy for success where, interestingly enough, you'll learn that mentors are compensated based on the success of the student. Now there's incentive to do one's best. Ethan Willis also brags, and rightfully so, about a former student's successful exercise DVD venture. I like to read those kind of stories.

At any rate, it's a quirky short article about educating the individual on how to be successful in any business. And hey, Ethan Willis, CEO, makes it sound like it's fun to work hard. Helping entrepreneurs and professionals to reach their full potential? Sounds like a deal to me. It's a good read, take a look.

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