Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer In Costa Rica

Yes, summer has almost arrived and Lady Gatekeep is looking for beautiful vacation spots where she can dream a few days of life away. A Costa Rica all inclusive vacation will certainly fullfill that fantasy. Imagine the beautiful coastlines with cloud forests, lakes for windsurfers, beaches to surf in and tropical gardens . . . oh my! Now there is a world to discover. You might want to avoid the poison-dart frogs (lovely to see though), but do see the butterfly farms. Or perhaps you are filled with adventure and walk through the Costa Rican jungles which are full of monkeys, wild parrots, lizards and exotic birds. Say hello if you should walk upon my path.

In any case, begin your journey at's website and they will make sure you save up to 50% on your travels. The site has a customized booking engine and very easy to use--something Lady Gatekeep finds necessary. This booking engine, it seems, is quite intuitive and allows one to see most excellent images of the vacation resort sites. And apparently has the ability to price and offer dollar and percentage off promotions, to discount your regular rates and even find you the save-with-free-nights programs. This site, my friends, is quite entertaining to say the least.

Your vacation can be seen through wonderful and compelling visual images and one could begin a virtual tour to get you on your way. The site has ratings from travelers who have experienced the resorts first-hand so one might want to read all about their adventures . And there is a toll free number if you'd like to book your vacation by phone (1-888-205-3315) or visit to book online. Shall we say then that paradise is just a click away. Enjoy!

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