Tuesday, May 22, 2007

RVs In The UK

It has been quite a while since I last visited the UK. Actually we were there for a day or so. I was a mere child of twelve and don't remember much except the weather and the guard I was trying to bug. That was fun, if I might say so. The roads were narrow, from what I remember, and I don't recall ever seeing an RV or a motorhome in the vincinity.

I do believe that times have changed. Apparently there is now an RV and Motorhome Dealers in the UK. And, mind you, they import new and used American RVs. Ah, yes, proud to hear it. After all, we Yanks do know how to celebrate the holidays in grand style, thank you very much.

It's a marvelous website actually. They call it the Travel World RV and they do claim they have the world's finest motorhomes. One shall visit them to make one's own conclusion, though illustrations might indeed prove their point.

There's a fine English lady on the front page with a pleasant voice and gives a little bit of background to the company's achievements. She's very enchanting so do give a listen to her. Speaking of listening there is FAQ video done well at the site. It loads quickly enough so you will not have to wait long before all your requests are answered. Two English chaps with all the answers to your Recreational Vehicle questions. One cannot go wrong there.

So do learn about the largest show room that side of North America and let RV and Motorhome Dealers in the UK keep you happy on the road. Enjoy!

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