Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Insuring Those Horses

Well then, this would be the information needed if one was seeking to insure your horse power in the British Isles. Although, one would wonder if indeed this motor insurance company would deal with us Yanks. But of course we would simply call it car insurance. Nevertheless, from the looks of it one could receive two kinds of discounts--a no claim discount, or an introductory discount. Honestly, I dare say, one might have to visit their home on the web to get an honorable explanation of both.

Shall we explore some of the free benefits then? Always a plus to know what one can receive for free, I say. First of, one shall receive a free courtesy car--this I would imagine we Yanks would call a rental when the car is in for repairs. Then there is a 24-hour emergency helpline in the event of said car breaking down. This next one Lady Gatekeep likes very much and that is free uninsured loss recovery service. Also, a favorite would be the medical expenses this company will pay for--up to 250 pounds. I do apologize but Lady Gatekeeper has no clue to exactly how much that is. Sounds like a fair deal. However, for all the pertinent information about motor insurance I would recommend one visit them on the web. Have a wonderful day now.

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