Monday, April 16, 2007

Post For Our Health

Vitamins-- do we need them? Well, it is recommended by educational institutions and medical journals. Hard to believe but even our best diets will lack the right levels of vitamins. Sadness. Do you have a favorite 12-in-One MultiVitamin? Shall I introduce you to another? One can never have enough choices, hopefully so one can make the best choice.

This is a 12-in-one Soft-Gel multivitamin (easy to swallow is a treat, I say) with more than 117 nutrients, 72 trace minerals and 47 fruit and vegetable concentrates. Can't lose with the fruit an veggies. Every ingredient your body needs to perform at its peak is included from all 12 essential nutrient groups.

Decide for yourself, but don't put it off. Get to some healthy living and take advantage of a few incredibale savings with the 12-in-One Soft-Gel Multi.

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Lady G~ said...

Now tell me, where does one get these vitamins? We use to take some great vitamins from Nutrilite. But we moved away from the distributor. We certainly felt the difference once we stopped taking those vitamins. We haven't found any vitamins that have made a difference.