Friday, April 20, 2007

The Neighborhood

It is dark, dreary . . . and the neighborhood is shrouded within a cold mist that seems to rise from below. Small drops of tears fall from Heaven. The morning is lost. Soon the skies erupt and a storm attacks our sleepy desert town.

With a flick of a switch the fireplace crackles and the warmth of its fire brings light to our darkness. Ah, 'tis cozy indeed. We sit in pajamas sipping coffee and tea while lessons in math, Edgar Allen Poe, history and such continue. A good day it will turn out to be after all.

Mr. Policeman across the way has come back from a well-deserved vacation and his children kiss him as he drives off in his black and white cruiser. Neighbor to the right drops by for a hug before driving her precious ones to their respective places of education. The rain pours. Snow falls on our local mountains and a cloud envelopes the forest at the foothills. Dogs howl and play. We laugh and say goodbye.

It was different the day before when the sun so lovingly kissed the bricks of the garden walls. And children rang doorbells to let us know of friendly competitions in baseball or cheer. It's good for them to hear we are proud, and yes we'll buy cookies.

The Gatekeeper's castle is a tad bit large and a little too empty for her taste today. College girl has left and Oma and Opa are gone for the weekend. It is quiet indeed. And there is peace--always peace.

Dear Father of Heaven and Earth and of all the universes seen and unseen send your comfort to all those families and friends in Virginia who will never see their children again. Let Your peace reign.

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Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Peace from God comes after we make peace with God. It's so good to know the Prince of Peace beckons us "come"...

Blessings today Gatekeeper. I go onward today to my eldest son's baseball game to bask in the sun, trudge nearby grasslands with our faithful, furry companion (our yellow Lab), chase my youngest offspring, keeping him safe from moving vehicles in yonder parking lot, and hoping to catch a glimpse of my firstborn's game...