Friday, April 20, 2007

The Acquisition

Oh my, the boys at PayPerPost are stretching their arms a little further still. Ti's not this week but the next when they will announce exactly what they have their little sticky fingers in now. Sounds intriguing, to say the least. Why is it that things are kept so secretive till then? Maybe it's the way of the East Coast where PPP resides. Who knows, they are funny that way, don't you agree? Do wait however, let me retrace my steps here. By stretching their muscles, I mean arms, Lady Gatekeep declares they have acquired or have made an acquisition to buyout another company. They are clever: Always thinking of ways to make life just a little more interesting.

Not to worry, the lovely folks in the PPP office are paying the Gatekeep for writing a few words about this acquisition on her blog. Ah yes, they acknowledge the fact one must make a living.

In any case who is it they have bought? This I do not know. What does this company do? Again -- I do not know. But hold on, might it have something to do with online ads?--Possibly. Exactly what does this mean for all their posties? We shall find out soon. Therefore I recommend you sign up now before posties like the Gatekeep take all the good assignments. I know, not going to happen anytime soon. It is good for you then. Go ahead and review this post and start making your own pot of gold. For I shall admit to this--whatever the boys are up to, it can only be good for us. That they've already proven.

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