Monday, April 02, 2007

Kutless on the Go Tour

After a sad Saturday ordeal, we successfully salvaged the Sabbath (Sunday). Pastor Dennis was his usual wonderful self and I managed to slip him the Upper Room magazine with my devotion published on page 10. He bookmarked the page, gave me a hug as the rest of the 200 people vied for his attention. JK, we're not that pushy at Newsong.

Main attraction came that evening when Sarah, Spanky (son's baseball nickname) and I went to the Bren Center at UCI and got to rock out with Stellar Kart, Kutless and the Newsboys from down under. Those Aussie boys rock! May I say, that my ears are still ringing and my shins hurt. Apparently this generation likes to jump at concerts and use cell phones to light up the stadium. Oh, it's fun!

Video cameras, digital cameras and cell phones were allowed inside. This they tell us even after our bags were inspected and a full body search was required as well. So what was the point? My "keychain" wasn't even confiscated. Not that I had any kind of weapon attached to it or anything. I'm just saying, one might get seriously injured if one tried to attack the Gatekeeper or her family when said keychain is in possession. Again, what was the point of that body search? Ah well, I guess it was the UCI, Bren Center policy.

All this to say that the concert was loud, awesome and Spirit filled and we have video to prove it. But we still have to load it onto the computer. It shall be done soon. Till then . . . a Goodnight.


Sharon Lynne said...

You deserve "The Coolest Mom" award!

The GateKeeper said...

Hehehe, and I humbly receive it. You too, btw, you moto riding momma!!

Lady G~ said...

My Still Waters (my second Baby Girl) enjoys listening to Kutless, Pillar, Pax217, Thousand Foot Krutch, Newsboys and other groups.

We've been able to see Newsboys, TobyMac, DCTalk, Thousand Foot Krutch and some others that I can't recall. Must be all that loud praising we've done through the years. LOL!

Glad you had a rockin' time.

The GateKeeper said...

Thanks Lady G. Yep, I know about that loud praising thing. How's life in your neck of the woods???

Lady G~ said...

As for the weather...sunny, breezy and cool. Temp is suppose to dip down to the low 40's. Which is a rarity here in Florida.

As for life... Life is always good. How can it not be... I have Christ dwelling within me. :o)

How's it going within your gates?

The GateKeeper said...

Hi Lady G. The weather here is perfect. Not hot nor cold just perfect. I'm glad to hear life is good on your ranch, so to speak. Still homeschooling those kids I see. That gives me inspiration indeed. All is well within our gates. Depending on God as each day arrives for our daily provisions. You're awesome, btw.

Lady G~ said...

Funny, cause I think you are quite awesome yourself.

I sometimes feel funny (not the ha ha type) when I share about my relationship with my Knight. I know that there are many that struggle with their spouse. The last thing I want to do is hurt anyone's feelings. I would just like to give hope to those that are hopeless. Not sure if it comes out that way. But I do pray and ask God to help me share what He'd like for me to share.

Oh, how did it got for your Flying Boy? Were you at the shoot the whole day? I'm sure he had a fabulous time.