Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Blogger Awards

One must agree that we've come such a long way in the land of Blog. I am sure that most of you would agree. One can see the quality when surfing the blogosphere: with content (clever and witty writers), photography and video blogs. Why, suffice to say that bloggers are the historians of our time. What will they know about our land and our brilliant moments in life a hundred years from now? Will they look to the bloggers for the information?--the clothes we wear, the stories we write, the music of this generation, the films we've made, and dare I say it . . . our politics.

It stands to reason then, that Bloggers should be nominated for their own award. A little bit of love for these internet authors is well deserved. Will you be the next top 40 internet superstar? The prestigious blog awards might surely guide you toward that narrow but popular path.

Bloggers from every land and every nation across this fine planet can vote for the best blog. There are bragging rights, of course, and without a doubt your PR will greatly increase. Ah, you see my meaning. Every bloggie deserves to be recognized so vote for those who work hard on this information highway. Those of us who seek to entertain others, encourage others, be in community with one another, kudos to all. May each and everyone of you be so blessed as to receive a vote, you have mine in any case.

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