Monday, March 26, 2007

The Weekend And Such

Our special treat this weekend, of course, was having Sarah home from Biola. Desert weather was kind to her with gentle breezes and a little morning mist before the sun showed its strength.

It was opening day for youth baseball, thus the reason we gave ourselves only four hours of sleep on Friday. Catching up on life and talking about this and that took us into the wee hours of Saturday morning. Does anyone else get really goofy at 3:00am? Ah, forgive them.

In any case, though the buffalo and the ostrich family were already roaming, 7:00am came much too quickly. But we armed ourselves with beach chairs, video camera, and bottled water. Then we relaxed under God's blue sky and watched over 300 children, who did their best not to get bored, as adults in much too tight baseball attire introduced all the wonderful people who had supported Hemet Youth Baseball since 1954. They even found the orginal league trophy.

All the local farm boys came out with their Chevy and Dodge trucks adding to the festivities. When someone, at last, introduced the NASCAR lady to sing the national anthem I was afraid she would break out into a very loud rendition of "Sweet, Home Alabama." Well, they'd have to change the words, but that was the atmosphere. Finally, at around 2:00 in the afternoon the day was done, the dust began to settle (on my car) and for the first time we witnessed what LA must think of as a baby traffic jam.

The next morning, way too early once again, we made the 85 mile trip to church. There's got to be something closer--we say it every Sunday. Ah, it's family you know. Pastor Dennis was marvelous as he spoke about that mustard-seed-size faith. After church we gathered at Applebee's with a friend before travelling to Uncle Josh' house (who was feverishly working to fill Emmie's Store orders) so he could fix Sarah's new computer which doesn't seem to like the Biola filtering system. Then it was another 85 miles on the 60 freeway, through cow country, around the lake and over the dirt bike tracks, back to our desert paradise. The night was peaceful, even the coyotes slept. We truly thank the Lord for that.

Today is Monday, Layne is struggling to get out of bed and I must make breakfast. Writing will be my main issue today. The next chapter of Scrolls of the Gatekeeper will be written in my next post. It's rather perfect timing since my lesson for The Christian Writer's Guild is on self-editing. That, no doubt, will need to be done. Till we meet again, I bid thee all a fair morning.

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