Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's A No-Crank One?

How does your garden grow? Spring has arrived and the sweet aroma of Jasmine blossoms is proof of that. After a frosty winter it seemed that our Cherry tree had breathed its last, but we were wrong. Life has sprung eternal and the hummingbirds have told us so. Nonetheless, oh stressfull burden of taking care of it all. Did Adam and Eve have such a task? That pesty hose, like a cranky old snake won't coil back where it's supposed to be. So there it lays over the flower beds. And there it stays.

But alas, you know the Gatekeeper will do her best to find a solution. Now this is something one must see for oneself. Even the Wall Street Journal seems to have aquired a taste for it, so to speak. Amongst all those hose reels this one claims you will need no strength and little effort to keep it nicely packed away. A No-Crank hose reel? Indeed. And with various designs to fit the look of your garden. No hands needed (though you might want to keep them).

How does it work? It's a little beyond the Gatekeeper's time but I believe it uses a water-piston engine to rewind that pesky garden hose. Flip a lever--use the power of water. No batteries, no electricity, not even a spring. And the cost of such a contraption--it won't empty your little pouch of gold at all. Furthermore, take a quick "looksee" and watch the video--truly amazing one might say.

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