Friday, February 09, 2007

Of Letters From Long Ago

Dear God, I just read Paul's letter again for the umphteenth time and I have a question. Let me say, however, that men like Paul are so hard to find these days. Are you sending any more? You don't have to answer me right now, but it's getting awfully hard.

In any case Paul says that I need to be confident because You will complete the good work that You started with me. Um, could You remind me what that good work is? Sometimes I think I know, but most of the time it seems I'm just flailing through life hoping You will keep it all together. You do . . . don't get me wrong--when I completely trust You, life falls into place. But today, I really need to be reminded of what that good work is, the good You apparently started with me. I know You'll answer, I have no doubt about that.

In the meantime I will conduct myself in the manner worthy of You. At least, that is my prayer.


Sam Gamgee said...


Sharon Lynne said...

Don't worry about doing. You ARE God's GOOD WORK!

P.S. You're "good works" have affected my life many many times!

MsLovely101 said...

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