Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bars To Clean Thyself

It is of no concern to the Gatekeeper if one has missed any chapters of this harrowing tale. Though, indeed, the scrolls have been preserved inside Canaan's castle walls, it might do one good to read them once more before the Warriors come home.

Scrolls of the Gatekeeper I: It's A Hellish Tale
Scrolls of the Gatekeeper II: An Unholy Union
Scrolls of the Gatekeeper III: Uriel

And might I mention that here, inside the brick and mortar of our towers we do manage to stay clean. Of course, the maidens are busy making our own soap from the finest oils and Goat Milk (yes, Goat Milk) with olive oil. It will do well to scrape the dirt of those battle-worn hands and other parts you manage to spoil. See here now, if one does not like the goat milk, the maidens will add Orange Basil or Jasmin and Myrrh, or perhaps you wouldn't mind a little bit of licorice soap. Whatever your fancy, let us know as your purchase will keep the castle from falling into the hands of the greedy tax collector. Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness. It's what I hear in any case.


aroengbinang said...

wow, gorgeous backgrounds and a very nice blog. cheers.

C. H. Green said...

Just wanted you to know I tried PayPerPost and found to my surprise that it really works! I wish I had time to post more for them. Thanks for the tip girl!

The GateKeeper said...

Aroengbinang thanks for the cheers for my background. I was wondering if anyone would like. Thanks again.

And CH Green, so awesome you tried PPP. You're most welcome for the tip and I hope you find some time to post for them.