Thursday, February 15, 2007

Most Outrageous PPP News Flash Yet

Well . . . they can no longer keep it a secret. Making money with PayPerPost has gone through the roof. If you haven't signed up with PayPerPost yet, you have no idea what you are passing up. What I am about to tell you is nothing but the truth, I tell you no lie. You could make $1000 for a single post. No lie, I said. Other high paying ads start from $35 and up. And you're waiting because . . .?

Come on now. Do you have a good google page rank? How about a low Alexa score? Is your blog's hit counter busy each day, then you qualify. Competition is fearce, however, so your writing skills should probably be polished and I would edit my posts a few times. You might have to rise with the dawning of the day to receive first crack at the best ads. No problem, right?

In any case you too can get paid to blog. And one more thing, to making these big bucks, is that disclosure is required. You simply mention on your post that you are being paid for it. Of course, I wouldn't mind at all if you signed up right here by clicking on my PPP affiliate box in my sidebar or you can review this post. Thanks so much and good posting to you.

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