Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It Bloggies My Mind

Pornography!! Yes, today someone left me a comment at the LinkReferral site and decided to write up a bad review concerning the Gatekeeper's little blog. Reviewer's bottom line was that she didn't have a clue what she was looking at. Well . . . I decided to visit said reviewer's site and Whoa!!!! . . . little Miss had herself a porn blog. Oh my, be careful little eyes what you see and Gatekeeper bolted out of missy's blog in a hurry. I'm thinking she might not want to know what "me" thinks of her site.

And you know what else bloggies my mind? Broadband PC cards. I truly need one. Can anyone tell me if it's worth the $59.99 (plus hidden charges) per month. My son attends an online school and when he's out on a job we can't seem to hook up to that darn internet. And then, of course, I'm on the road with him to this conference or
to that audition and so on. Anyone got a clue???

Speaking of the son. He got payed to play baseball on Monday. Yep, he did. Very, very small part on Criminal Minds last Monday found Layne playing baseball while FBI profiler, Hotch (Thomas Gibson) stood and watched the kids baseball practise. Yes, while hunting for that all allusive regular part on TV one must pay dues with those "extra" parts. Where the Lord leads only He knows.

Layne had a great time however, and he was very popular with all the kids that day--made a lot of friends because of his architectural abilities. My kid is building a gigantic skate park on google. Who knew he had this talent? Must capitilize this for his future.

Okay, I've calmed down a little about Missy Porn Star comment. Thanks for listening and if anyone has any ideas of how I'm going to pay for my daughter's next semester--I'm all ears. Of course you all could visit Emmie's One Stop Depot and purchase things like Oh, let me see, hand made soaps, survivial kits, anything for your interior decorating desires, or hey an MP3 perhaps? Emmie has it all and you'd be helping my little Bro and family. Have a wonderful Day.


GP Taylor said...

I loved your site - keep the faith and keep writing - you'll always get those who hate what you do - just please the Lord.

GP Taylor

The GateKeeper said...

Thanks Mr. Taylor for the encouragement and visiting my humble little blog. I look forward to Shadowmancer the movie. And it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do since you've already written the third book. Can't wait to curl up in front of the fireplace.